B.Com (Hons) Facilities

B.Com (Hons) Facilities



Candidates for admission to the first year of the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce with Honours Courses, honours shall be required to have passed the Higher Secondary Examinations  conducted by the Government of MP or an Examination accepted as equivalent there of by the DAVV Indore


(a) Each academic year shall be divided into two semesters. The first academic year shall comprise the first and second semesters, the second academic year the third and fourth semesters and the third academic year the fifth and sixth semesters respectively.

(b) The odd semesters shall consist of the period from July to December of each year and the even semesters from January  to June of each year.

 B.Com. (Honours) degree makes one eligible to work in Accounts operation of various Firms and Companies, Banks, Government Departments and Agencies, Educational Institutions and a number of other organizations.

B.Com (Hons)– Three Year Degree Course


Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
Semester I (July to December) Semester II (January to June)
FC – 101 Moral Value and Language I FC  – 201 Moral Value and Language II
FC – 102 Entrepreneurship Development FC – 202 Entrepreneurship Development
103 Financial Accounting 203 Professional Mathematics
104 Business Regulatory Framework 204 Fundamental of Management
105 Basic of Foreign Trade 205 Applied Economics
106 Basic of Computer and Accounting S/W- (Value Addition Course) 206 Communication Lab
(Value Addition Course)


Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
Semester III (July to December) Semester IV (January to June)
FC- 301 Moral Value and Language III FC- 401 Moral Value and Language IV
FC- 302 Environmental Studies-I FC- 402 Environmental Studies-II
303  Corporate Accounting 403  Theory and Practice of Cost Accounts
304 Business Statistics 404 Human Behavior at Work
305  Corporate Law 405  MIS and DBMS
306  Industry Visit
(Value Addition Course)
406 Summer Training
(Value Addition Course)


Course Code Course Title Course Code Course Title
Semester V (July to December) Semester VI (January to June)
FC – 501 Moral Value and Language V FC – 601 Moral Value and Language VI
502 Basic Computer IT-I FC – 602 Basic Computer IT-II
503 Income Tax 603 Management Accounting
504 Marketing Concepts and Consumer Behavior 604 Indirect Tax
505 Auditing 605 E-Commerce
506 Personality Development
(Value Addition Course)
605 Graduation Project (Value Addition Course)