Activity 2018

Poster presentation- Topic “Recent Advances in Science” and Logo-motto competition for SOLARIS club

The “SOLARIS CLUB” of Biosciences & Computer Science department organized Poster presentation on the Topic “Recent Advances in Science” and Logo-motto competition for the club on 30/11/18. Around 60 Poster and Logo were made by the students of B.Sc. Computer Science & B.Sc. Biotechnology. Some of the topics selected for poster were Nanotechnology, waste management, Robotics, desired baby concept, Space Science, Drug delivery system etc. Judgment criteria were based on creativity, concept, design, theme, clarity, explanation and slogan. I, II & III prizes were given in both the competitions. To appreciate their efforts, consolation prizes were also announced by the authorities. Enthusiastic participation of budding minds made the event momentous and meaningful.

Parent Teacher Meet-2018

Parent Teacher Meet was organised on 17/11/18 to discuss about student’s strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and to find solution for their academic and behavioural issues. The motto of the meet was to promote students to participate in co & extra-curricular activities along with academics. Parents also gave their feedback regarding infrastructural facilities.

Guest lecture series on Bioinformatics  (13-16/11/2018)

On 13/11/18, Session started with basics of Bioinformatics, introduction and classification of Databases. The session was interactive as expert linked biotechnology with bioinformatics and made students involved in answering questions related to theory, wet lab experiments and result analysis. Students learnt about importance of in-silico methods in relevance to biological data storage.

On 14/11/18, Sequence databases & protein family/domain databases were discussed. Students were made to understand databases like EMBL, GenBank, DDBJ, PIR, ProtParam, PDB etc. to create awareness about different tools used to store DNA/ RNA sequence information.

On 15/11/18, practical session commenced with use of NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) for retrieval of gene based information and to provide reference sequence standard. Questions related to locus, accession number, length of nucleotide sequence, one letter code amino acid sequence etc. obtained from result were discussed.

On 16/11/18, analysis of Protein sequences and DNA sequences in different formats of stored data were explained in-silico. Data retrieval using scientific name or accession no. along with data analysis was taught by the expert. Session was concluded with briefing and doubt solving. This Guest lecture series made students understand the need & importance of Bioinformatics in present time.

Expert Ms. Pooja Tiwari was felicitated with momento and letter of appreciation by Dr. Pranoti Belapurkar, HOD, Department of Biosciences.

Industrial Visit “M. P. Engineering and Machine Tools” at Sanwer Road

A batch of 20 students of B.Com II Year (Plain/Tax/Comp. Appl.), visited esteemed organization “M. P. Engineering and Machine Tools” at Sanwer Road, Indore on 29 October 2018.

Mr. Rajesh Jain, Director, gave brief introduction about the industry, its working pattern and adoption of new technology as per changing environment. He also interacted with the students and motivated them towards their career. The session was divided into two parts. In the first session, theoretical explanation was given, which was then explained practically during field visit. At the end, Mr. Rajesh Jain solved all the queries raised by students. Students had real feel of Industrial working after this visit. Overall, it was a great learning experience, helping students to understand on various technical aspects and application of automobile engineering.

Dr. Priyanka Chawla and Prof. Vikas Sharma coordinated this visit. At the end, faculties and students extended gratitude for giving opportunity and support to make visit a success with accomplishment of objectives.

TOUR- 2018

Acropolis Institute of Management Studies & Research organised a 7 days Dharamshala – Dalhousie – Amritsar tour to provide their students learning and enriching experience which was commenced on 05th October 2018. The tour was planned and coordinated by Vice Principal- Dr. Manish Jain along with students coordinators. 70 students, Vice Principal and other faculty members – Mr. Vikas Sharma, Dr. Priyanka Chawla and Ms. Trapti Kapse were the part of this tour . Tour gave students a refreshing, enlightening, adventurous and tremendous learning experience during visits. The students of B.Com, BSC and BBA gained valuable insights through this memorable tour. The tour was a delightful experience for all. It was an opportunity for students to learn how management principles like time management, leadership, coordination, teamwork, group dynamics etc. are applied  even in tourist areas. Tour was also a platform to understand the cultural differences, to appreciate the scenic beauty of hill areas and to develop a strong bonding between faculties and students. The best part of this tour was trekking to Triund Track of 20 K.M in a day when everybody showed their tremendous zeal, passion and perseverance to conquer one of the toughest tracks of India. The students of AIMSR also gave the message of ‘Swachchha Bharat’ at all places, as Indore is awarded number one cleanest city of India consecutively for two years.

AIMSR 11th  Induction Ceremony

Acropolis Institute of Management Studies & Research organised its 11th induction programme for newly admitted students on 30th and 31st July respectively, where they took Oath to become skilled & cultured professionals. Director of the institute Dr Jayantilal Bhandari addressed newly admitted student & said that in this competitive era students should work hard for different skills like technical & communication apart from their studies. The Chairperson of Acropolis Group Mrs Shraddha Sojatia was present and she emphasised on the importance of Hard work and and tell the students to give hundred Percent to set their goals. The key note speakers for the event were famous Motivational Speaker and Training gurus Mr Tony Shukla and Mr Ambar Arondekar. Mr Tony Shukla talked about awareness of hidden inner talent through introspection and be selective while choosing their friends and their company.

Mr Ambar Arondekar talked about importance of being focused and emotionally attached to their goals, he also gave emphasis on a good academic record as this directly or indirectly going to enhance their success.

Principal of the Institute Dr Ashok Jhawr proposed Vote of Thanks and told the new batch students to get inspired and utilize the resources of College to mould their career.

The convenor of the programme  Prof Neha Sharma let the students know about college code of conduct and Anti-Ragging environment of Acropolis. Vice chairman Acropolis Prof M.K Dubey and HODs of the College Dr Manish Jain, Dr Manish Vays and Dr Pranoti  Belapurkar were also present in the ceremony.

‘Orientation & overview of subjects’ & “Role play” and “Who am I?”

On Day 2nd of induction week, ‘Orientation & Overview of subjects’ was organized so as to inculcate the understanding of departmental mission and vision. In this session, Dr. Pranoti Belepurkar (HOD, Biosciences) addressed B.Sc. I year & II year students and emphasized on career prospects of Microbiology/ Biotechnology, Chemistry / Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computer Science. Further in her address she elaborated on value addition programs like entrepreneurship based case study, summer trainings, internship, skill development etc., along with various activities that will be executed under “Solaris”, The Science Club. To enhance student’s talent, they were introduced to other clubs like Yuvnika, Acro Women Cell, E-cell etc.

In the second part of today’s program, an interactive session between seniors and freshers was organised.  In this, B.Sc. BT II year students performed role play in a game “Who am I?” enacting roles of eminent scientists, actors, chemical and biological compounds. Fresher students showed great interest in the event by giving correct answers for which they were given “token of appreciation” by their seniors.

Movie Review and Talent showcasing (02/08/2018)

On Day 3rd of Induction week, movie “M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story” was critically reviewed by Mr. Nimish Tiwari- Ex-National Cricket Coach for Under 19 team working presently as CAO Acropolis Institute. Introduction of Mr. Nimish Tiwari was given by Prof. Pushpanjali Sharma. Review was done for imparting character building values for becoming better humans, based on life of the most promising & successful cricketer and captain of India. He was felicitated by Dr. Pranoti Belapurkar, (HOD, Dept. of Biosciences) with holy Tulsi sapling. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Shivani Dubey.

In the second half of Day 3, talent showcasing was organized so as to explore hidden talents among freshers. First year students showcased their talent through dance, singing, live painting and stand up. Special performances of skit, dance and singing by II year students made the event exciting and full of energy. The day 3 program ended with visit to Biosciences laboratories under the supervision of Prof. Rati Trivedi Nair.

Sports day (DESI GAMES) (03/08/18)

On day 3rd of induction week, sports activities were organized to provide a vehicle for social, physical, emotional and moral learning for the students to acknowledge them about Team building activity. The sports day included range of desi games such as “Chakma Gend, Vish Amrit, Rumal Jhapatta, Rassakashi and Sitoliya” these were conducted in the duration of three hours. Firstly, B.Sc. I year & II year were divided In two teams named Electron and Proton & the commencement of  game was done with “Chakma Gend” and ended by” Rumal Jhapatta”.  The students enjoyed a lot and learned team work.

After having two days Formal session of Induction ceremony on 30th  & 31st July  on 1st August,AIMSR has organized an interactive event “Desi Games” where both new and old students of BBA & B.Com , AIMSR got a chance of, not only to play the games but also to interect with each other. Students enjoyed Desi Games like Sitolya,Rumal Zjjapatta, kho-kho etc.

The day ended with the refreshment distribution to the students at AIMSR canteen which was a pleasant surprise for them after drenching sports activities.

Industry Visit- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd” at Pithampur

A batch of 35 students of B. Com II Year, visited esteemed organization “Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd” at Pithampur on 25 July 2018. The main objective behind this visit was to provide practical knowledge about the operational activities including filling of Gas cylinders, quality control & inspection and dispatching along with precautionary measures.

Mr. Sankalp, territory coordinator, addressed the students and introduced about CPSU with Maharatna status – BPCL. The functioning of this unit was briefly explained in an understandable manner. The session was divided into two parts. In the first session, theoretical explanation was given which the officers then explained practically during field visit.

Students have got real feel of company’s working after this visit.  Dr. Priyanka Chawla  and Prof. Ankit Mahajan coordinated this visit. At the end, faculties and students extended hearty thanks to make visit a success with accomplishment of learning objectives.

NSS Activity- Plantation with Big FM

NSS Unit of AIMSR and 92.7 Big FM of Indore jointly organized a ‘Plantation Drive’ at the college campus on 13th July 2018. RJ Gaurrav and team from 92.7 Big FM addressed the students about need of plantation. They planted trees along with the entry road of AIMSR. They played a quiz on ‘Plants in Indore’ with the students and dignitaries and distributed prizes to the winners. The whole program was broadcasted live on 92.7 Big FM radio. Dr. jayantilal Bhandari, Director AIMSR, presented vote of thanks to all.

Poster Exhibition Competition – World Population Day 

NSS Unit of AIMSR organized a ‘POSTER EXHIBIT COMPETITION’ on the occasion of World Population Day, 11rth July 2018. Director AIMSR, Dr. Jayantilal Bhandari addressed the students on this occasion. First Prize for the poster Exhibit Competition was bagged jointly by Mr. Arpit Kulkarni of B. Com. (Hons) II Year and Ms. Surbhi Patel of BBA II Sem. Second and Third prizes was won by Ms. Amisha Sugandhi and Ms. Anusha Singh Jadone of BBA II Sem, respectively. The event was judged by famous color artist Ms. Ankita Shank Mehta.

Gabriel India Ltd.

On July 10th 2018, 23 students of Acropolis Institute of Management Studies and Research, Indore, visited esteemed organization “Gabriel India Ltd.”. 

The main objective behind this visit was to make students aware about the practical simulation carried out by Gabriel and let the students aware about operational activities, other production and finance related activities performed in the company.

The orientation of the company was headed by Ms. Aditi Jain, HR Executive, Gabriel India Ltd. She explained history and working pattern of the organization in an effective and lucid manner. The company adopted the Japanese model of quality control and management through various tools like six sigma, PDCA and quality circles. Students took a visit of production area of the company from where shock absorbers are manufactured. It was great to know that the company has got ISO certification and use various quality tools in its working.

Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd.

On July 5th 2018, 40 students of Acropolis Institute of Management Studies and Research, Indore, visited esteemed organization “Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd”. 

The main objective behind this visit was to make students aware about the practical simulation carried out by AICTSL and let the students aware about operational activities, other IT related services like GPRS online monitoring, speed tracker, and its handling.

The orientation of the company was headed by Ms. Mala Singh Thakur, HR/PRO, AICTSL.  She explained history and working pattern of the organization in an effective and lucid manner. The company adopted the financial model of public transportation system through private partnership where every players associated with the company are benefitted. Students took a visit of control room of the company from where buses are tracked and monitored. It was great to know that the company has adopted Smart city project and will start electric buses soon.

International Yoga Day

AIMSR celebrated 4th International Yoga Day on 21st June 2018. Students and faculties attended 1Hr. Yoga session conducted by Mr. Dharmendra Chandrawat. Participants performed various Asanas and Pranayamas on the occasion and enjoyed. Students were also briefed about the history and importance of yoga.

Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology (RRCAT

On the occasion of Science day The Acropolis Institute of Management Studies & Research organized a one day visit  to Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology(RRCAT ) on 25 Feb, 2018 for  First  year  students of  B.Sc Biotechnology and Computer Science. The main objective behind the visit was to make student aware about the latest research in the field of lasers , Cryogenics & Electron accelerators. The visit was conducted by Assistant. Professor ( Chemistry)  Mrs Rati Trivedi Nair. Visit seems to be very informative and gives good learning experience We had very good support and cooperation from all concern instructors available in the site who explained each and every section very interestingly and deeply.

Jimmy McGlligan Centre of Sustainable Development

On the occasion of “National Science Day”, Biotechnology Department of AIMSR organized a visit to prestigious organization “Jimmy McGlligan Centre of Sustainable Development”  Indore on 28 Feb 2018 run by Padma Shri Dr. (Mrs.)Janak Palta McGlligan. Total 35 students (25 from B.Sc. Biotechnology & 10 from B.Sc. Computer Science) were accompanied by Dr. Shivani Dubey & Prof. Rati Trivedi Nair. Dr. Janak Palta McGlligan shared her views about Sustainable Development, gave visit to organization which is totally equipped with solar panel, 13 different types of solar cookers, solar dryers, solar lantern, solar kitchen & wind turbine. Electricity generated from wind energy & solar energy are supplied to village Sanawadiya.

Dr. Palta also conducted a Workshop on “Preparation of Natural Holi colours”. Motive of the visit was to inculcate the understanding of Natural Resource management and need to love nature in this harsh competitive world, also to return whatever you get from the society.

Indore Dugdha Sangh,

Students of Biotechnology visited to Indore Dugdha Sangh, (one of the organizations of MP State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd.) with the motive of understanding work culture of “Quality Control Department” with Biotechnology as occupational interest.Students cultivated with various techniques for quantitative determination of microorganisms by use of Pour plate technique in Standard Plate Count Method. They witnessed with Pasteurisation of milk too.The visit made students to understand various techniques for quantitative determination of microorganisms by use of Pour plate technique in Standard Plate Count Method.

It benefited students of Biotechnology in terms of Dairy Microbiology, which is an important part of their curriculum.

MSME Training and Information Centre Indore

AIMSR  organised an Industrial visit of students to MSME Training and Information Centre Indore.During this visit students were informed about various schemes to promote new startups by Government funding .