Declarations and Conditions

Students Declarations 

Student’s Declaration

I declare that

  • I will wholly follow the rules/directions/notices and code of conduct of the Institute.
  • I will be committed towards the rules/discipline and system. I will always maintain moderate, modest and polite behaviour towards the decision taken by the Principal in every case.
  • I will not take partin any such activities which harms the prestige and underlying objectives of the Institute.
  • The aforesaid information given by me is true. The fact is neither hidden nor is any false/misleading information given.
  • I will follow the rule of necessity of 75% of attendance in the class, otherwise I will not be eligible to be included in the term-end examination.
  • In the case of violation of the aforesaid declaration, the Principal has the right to cancel my admission and can take legal action against me.
  • I will never participate in any kind of ragging activities.
  • I will never criticize publicly on the policies of the Institute; instead, will take help of the officers of the Institute for the solution of any problem.
  • No legal action has been taken against me for any in disciplinary action/bad conduct/ragging/unfair means/misdeeds by the court/institute in the past. If yes, then details will have to be given during form filling
  • No case has been registered in the court/police station against me. If yes, then details will have to be given during form filling

Mother’s/Father’s or Guardian’s Declaration

We certify that the information given of our son/daughter, taking admission in Acropolis Institute of Management and Science, Indore is true. We have understood all rules/instructions and system of the Institute. During the tenure of his/her studies, we will take care of his/her conduct, works, discipline, attendance, daily progress and behavior; we will remain solely responsible and will give full cooperation. He / She will not take part in any of the ragging activities. We have no objection if our son/daughter is not permitted in the term-end examination due to less than 75% attendance before filling the examination application form or till the end of the term.


Terms & Conditions

  1. Information provided by the student in the Admission/Registration Form is considered true to the best of his/her knowledge.
  2. Student’s signing the Admission Form and seeking admission will be considered as his/her legal consent to abide by the rules & regulations of the institute.
  3. Fees for the course can be paid either in cash or by DD in favor of “Acropolis Institute of Management Studies & Research”.
  4. The student fully agrees that the fee once paid (through any mode of payment) is nonrefundable / nontransferable under any circumstances, in part or in whole.
  5. The student understands that even if he/she has chosen to pay the fee in installments, he/she is bound to pay the complete amount due for the year before the TC/CLC is issued to him/her, even if the student chooses to leave the course prior to completion.
  6. Registration fee is nonrefundable even if the student chooses for whatever reason not to enroll for the course.
  7. Only students who have completed their XII class exam from a recognized board with the minimum required percentage will be considered eligible for any course offered at Acropolis. The minimum required percentage may vary and the students will be informed of the same at the time admissions are announced.
  8. Acropolis reserves the right to cancel admission of successful candidates under any of the following circumstances-lf the fees is not deposited by the stipulated date. If the candidate does not join the programme by the stipulated date, even though the fees has been deposited. If the candidate fails to furnish the proof of the stipulated minimum qualification/eligibility.
  9. The language of instruction at Acropolis will only be English although every possible effort will be made to clarify things in Hindi also to the students, except for courses where the University specifically recommends otherwise. Any study material provided by Acropolis will be in English. It is explicitly understood that any student seeking admission in Acropolis has basic knowledge of written and spoken English and is capable of following lectures, reading study material, submitting assignments and giving his/her exams in the English language.
  10. Students are expected to be punctual with respect to their class timings. Maturity is expected on part of the students and indiscipline will not be tolerated. Students have to maintain the minimum attendance norm as set by the University/institute.
  11. The student explicitly agrees to follow code of conduct, behavior, dress and discipline norms of the Institute as may be prescribed from time to time, without fail. The student and his/her parents/guardian agrees that he/she will not be involved in any act of ragging either directly or indirectly and he/she is aware about the laws regarding ragging and if found guilty will be punishable as per law and DAW guidelines.
  12. The student and his/her parents and/or guardian agree that they shall make good the cost of such damages for which the student is found responsible/liable.
  13. By agreeing to the rules & regulations, the parents of the student and the student agree that they will be receiving SMS from Acropolis and that they do not have any objections to the same. It must be noted that SMS service is an additional service provided by Acropolis. But due to certain technical limitations it may happen that at times the parents do not receive the SMS. Acropolis will not be responsible for service outages by telecom companies/SMS gateway providers, etc. In case the student/parents change their mobile number, the same will have to be updated in the Student Zone by the student/parents themselves. Acropolis will not be in a position to handle such requests on the phone or in person.
  14. The student gives his/her unconditional consent and agrees that Acropolis may use his/her name, statement, and photograph for the purpose of their communications/advertisements and that the Institute or its management is under no obligation to compensate the student/parents for the same.
  15. Acropolis reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any obligation, to make any improvements to, or amend any portion of the service or the study materials in consultation with DAW.
  16. The decision of the Director/Principal will be final and binding in all such matters.
  17. All disputes are subject to Indore jurisdiction only. No disputes and/or complaints will be entertained after the expiry of 30 days from the completion of the admission procedure.

We have read and understood the terms and conditions listed above and agree to follow the same.

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