Dr. Pranoti Belapurkar

  • Research guide at School of Life Sciences DAVV, Indore. Currently two students registered.
  • VC nominated member of Research Development Committee for School of Life Sciences, DAVV, Indore.
  • Resource person for preparing AV modules of Life Science, in a project of MHRD, Govt. of India conducted by EMRC, DAVV, Indore.

Professional Experience

Academic Experience : 

Twenty years teaching experience in UG and PG teaching

  • 23rd April – till date joined Acropolis Institute of Management Studies and Research as Professor and Head, Department of Biosciences.
  • Worked as Associate Professor and Assistant Professor (college code selected) at various DAVV, Indore and Jiwaji University, Gwalior affiliated colleges for 20 yrs.

Administrative Experience:

  •  Worked as centre superintendent university examinations at IPS Academy, Indore. Responsible for conducting under graduate and post graduate examinations held by DAVV Indore from time to time.
  • Worked as the member of Anti ragging committee, Women grievance cell, Library committee and various other committees.
  •  Worked as Head of Microbiology Department at Soft Vision Institute Of Biotechnology And Science. Responsible for day to day departmental administration
  • Held the post of Vice-Principal at BIMR College of Life Sciences, Gwalior. Looked after day-to-day college administration and other administrative responsibilities, in addition to teaching and research work.

Research Experience:

  • Worked as Junior Research Fellow in a project work being conducted by Biotechnology Department of Jiwaji University, Gwalior entitled “Genetics and Molecular Biology of Heterocyst differentiation in Anabena Species”.
  • Dissertations Co-Guided:


  • Microbiota of the vermicomposting system and gut of foetida and its target activity on organic substrates.
  • Antimicrobial and phytochemical analysis of Triphala and comparison with its individual constituents.


  • Phytochemical analysis of Triphala and its comparison with its constituents.
  • Antimicrobial analysis of Triphala and its comparison with its constituents.

M.Sc Dissertations Guided:

  • Bioremediation capacity of probiotic organisms Bclausii and B. coagulans against organophosphate pesticides (chlorpyriphos and malathion)
  • Bioremediation capacity of probiotic organisms Bclausii and B. coagulans against heavy metals such as Cr, Pb, Cd and Ni.
  • Evaluation of humoral and cell mediated immune response of methanolic extract of S. cumini leaves in albino mice models.
  • Evaluation of total antioxidant properties of methanolic extract of  leaves H. rosa sinensis and S. cumini .
  • Effect of mutagenesis on bioremediation activity of bacteria isolated from Cr, Ni, Pb and Cd contaminated soil.
  • Immunomodulatory activity of methanolic extract of officinalis, M. koenegyi, H. rosa sinensis, C. roseus and S. cumini.
  • Isolation and identification of microbiota from gut of E. foetida involved in vermicomposting and the samples collected from vermibed.

Subject Expertise:

Immunology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Bioprocess Technology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, Animal Biotechnology etc.

Academic Qualification:

S. No. Class Board/University Year Percentage
1. High School M. P. Board 1987-88 77.6
2. Higher Secondary M. P. Board 1989-90 66.8
3. B. Sc. (Biology Group) Jiwaji University, Gwalior 1991-94
(Gold Medallist)
4. M. Sc. (Applied Microbiology) Jiwaji University, Gwalior 1994-96 (4th Merit) 72.75

 Awarded Ph.D. in 2007 for the topic entitled, “Study of incidence of Allergic Aspergillosis in Gwalior region”, from Jiwaji University, Gwalior.

Refresher/ Conferences/Seminar / Workshop / Research Papers:

Refresher Course 01
International Publications 07
National Publications 06
Posters/ Papers Presented 06
Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/Symposia 22


Papers Published

  • International Publications
  1. Pragya Goyal, Pranoti Belapurkar and Anand Kar 2018. Potential assessment of Bacillus coagulans for bioremediation of Zn (II) and Ni (II): An in vitro European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 5(1):627-632. SJIF Impact Factor 4.382.
  2. Pragya Goyal, Pranoti Belapurkar and Anand Kar 2017. A comparative review on potential role of environmental species and proven probiotic species of genus Bacillus in bioremediation of heavy metals with special emphasis on chromium and lead. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review & Research. ISSN- 0976-044 X Impact Factor:2.544
  3. Pranoti Belapurkar, Pragya Goyal and Anand Kar 2016. In vitro evaluation of bioremediation capacity of a commercial probiotic, coagulans, for Cr (VI) and Pb (II) 8;272-276. Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences, Medknow publications ISSN-0975-7406
  4. Belapurkar, P. and Goyal, P. 2014. Effect of chemical mutagenesis on bioremediation ability of bacteria isolated from heavy metal contaminated soil” in proceeding of International Conference on Emerging Challenges in Biotechnology, Human Health and Environment at DAVV, Indore, 18th -20th Dec, 2014.
  5. Belapurkar, P. and Goyal, P. 2014 In vitro evaluation of phytochemical and antioxidant properties of Syzygium cumuni leaves and their synergistic effect on its antimicrobial property. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, (5)4: 254-258. ISSN: 0975-7538
  6. Belapurkar, P., Goyal, P. and Tiwari Barua, P. 2014 Immunomodulatory effects of Triphala and its individual constituents: A Review. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 76(6): 467-475. Impact factor 0.338, ISSN:0250-474X.
  7. Nagar Sanjay, Barua Tiwari Preeti, Belapurkar Pranoti. 2009 Evaluation of nutritional and phytochemical aspects of some indigenous alternative food plants to improve the health status of tribal children in southern Madhya Pradesh of central India. International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences 5(3). ISSN: 1833-1882.
  • National Publications
  1. Nagar Sanjay, Belapurkar Pranoti, Barua Tiwari Preeti, Goyal Pragya  2011. Antimicrobial and phytochemical analysis of Triphala and comparison with its individual constituents. Natl. J. Life.Sci. 8(2): 101-103. ISSN: 0972-995X.
  2. Nagar Sanjay, Barua Tiwari Preeti, Belapurkar Pranoti, 2010. Role of some unexplored food plants to improve nutritional status of malnourished children in Dhar and Jhabua districts of Madhya Pradesh. Jour Pl Sci Res 26(2): 31-36. ISSN: 0970-2539.
  3.  Misra, V. C. and Belapurkar, P. 2004 Microbiological quality of potable water of some roadside tunkies of Lashkar city. Indian Veterinary Medical Journal, 28: 136-140. ISSN: 0250-5266.
  4. Belapurkar, P. and Misra, V. C. 2003 A case of pulmonary aspergillosis. Indian Vet. Med. Jour. 27 : 265-267. ISSN: 0250-5266.
  5. Belapurkar, P. 2003 Diagnosis of Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis by Immunodiffusion and ELISA tests. XVIII M.P. Young Scientist Congress, Abstract, Organized by M. P. Bhoj {open} University, Bhopal. pp.18.
  1. Misra, V.C., Belapurkar, P., Sharma, Mukesh and Jolly, V.S. 2001 Anti-microbial activity of some new heterocyclics. J. Rem. Vet. Corps. 40(2): 61-66.

Popular articles:

  1. Belapurkar, P (2012)- Role of plants in combating diseases and enhancing immunity. Manthan, IPSA College Magazine.
  2. Belapurkar, P and Misra, V. C. (2005)-Influenza virus with special reference to avian influenza. Quest, 4(1:) 7-9.
  3. Belapurkar, P. and Misra, V.C. (2004)­- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome: An Emerging Disease. Quest, 3(1): 11-14.
  4. Misra, V. C. and Belapurkar, P. (2003)- Need based exploitation of yeasts by human beings. Quest; 2(1): 1-4.
  5. Misra, V. C., Belapurkar, P. and Sharma, R. (2002)- Anthrax -In Biological Warfare. Quest; 1(1): 1-5.

Extra Curricular Activities:

  1. Done a certificate course in Computer Applications from NIIT, Gwalior.
  2. Graduated in Indian Classical music from Khairagarh University.
  3. Worked as B+grade vocal artist at A.I.R., Gwalior.
  4. Worked as news reader at Siti Cable, Gwalior
  5. Won several medals at College and University level in music and sports.
  6. Organized various inter college competitions viz., Quiz, Debate, Music, Dance etc.
  7. Organized The Graduation Ceremony at Softvision College.