MEDALIST- 2K16 “The Real Heroes”

MEDALIST- 2K16 ‘The Real Heroes’

AIMSR for the first time has embarked on a sparkling and thrilling; entertaining and glorious; an 2-days inter collegiate fest “Medalist-2K16 –The Real Heroes”. Basically, it was the tribute to Indian Army which strives hard to keep all its citizens safe. The event was a part of our program to mark completion of ‘Decade of Enlightening wisdom’. It provided a grand platform with not only to the students of Acropolis as well as other colleges of nearby cities. This was an innovative step towards the development and promotion of the institution. It led the different students to communicate and share the resources under one roof. Such types of events are always helpful in building confidence in front of large audience of about 1000+ students. The winners and runners up of the 18 competitions could make their names throughout the country.

Team comprises of all faculty members as well students of AIMSR named Shinee Soni, Saloni Agrawal, Muskan Agrawal,Aman Padiyar, Sarthak Choudhary, Chetna Ghodki, Sinju Joseph, Madhur Sharma, Suryansh Sharma, Himanshu Mukati, Wachika Arekar and many more.

Names of the Colleges participated: Medicaps University, Vaishnav University, IIST, PIMR, Maheshwari College, Renaissance College, Indo-German Tool Room, PMB Gujarati, CDGI, IPS Academy, and Idyllic Inst. And In- House Departments like AFMR, AITR, AIPER and many more.

MEDALIST-2K16 EVENT CATEGORIES: Hype Up, Goonj, Tendenz Moda 2K16, Shringar, Zayaka, Sanskriti, Rangrez, Chehre-P-Chehra, Jugaad, Sehat, Gulshan, Mitti-Da-Rang, DJ War, Mimicry, Tashan-E-Heena, Nukkad Natak, Roadies, Rock Band and Click-A-P


This event took place on 10-11 November 2016, around 500 students participated.

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